About Us

Why I Created Healthy Pets

Hi! I'm Emma, the Founder and CEO of Healthy Pets, and I created Healthy Pets because I knew there had to be a better way.

I'm the proud mom of a dog named Bo, and like many pet parents, I often found myself with a dilemma - were issues I was seeing in Bo the result of regular behaviour or an actual problem? I was never sure if I could trust the information I found online, so my only option was to take him to the vet. But that was both expensive and stressful.

What I wanted was someone I could trust who could tell me whether or not a trip to the vet was actually required… without the cost and inconvenience of an actual trip.

What does Healthy Pets do?

It's a simple idea: Healthy Pets connects you to a local veterinarian through on-demand video chat. This virtual veterinary consultation will result in one of three outcomes:

Everything is fine

Relax - what you are worried about is normal and there's no need to take further action.

Let's monitor this.

While you're right to be concerned, this issue commonly resolves itself. So let's keep an eye on it, but a trip to the clinic is not required right away.

Bring your pet to the vet.

You're right to be concerned - it's time for a visit to the clinic.

And while you're free to visit your regular clinic, we can let you know where other local veterinary clinics are located, including your local Healthy Pets vet. (And don't forget to let them know you were referred through Healthy Pets - the more clinics we partner with, the more we can help you save money and stress.)

We want your help to make Healthy Pets even better.

I created Healthy Pets to help my fellow pet parents access the trustworthy information they need. And while I hope it's helpful to you, feel free to let us know how we can do better.

I want everyone to experience the unconditional love only a beloved family pet can provide, and part of that love is giving them the best pet health care possible.


Emma Harris

Our Mission

Healthy Pets simplifies pet parents' access to pet care through a convenient, on-demand, and affordable way to connect online to a trusted network of local veterinarians.

Our Vision

Healthy Pets will revolutionize access to pet care through state-of-the-art technology.

Our Values

Pet First:
Your pet's health is primary to us and to the veterinarians we partner with.

No hidden fees, no surprise tests, no questions left unanswered.

Clear information that provides pet parents with the right course of action.

Clear answers by qualified and trusted professionals.

Uncompromising Quality:
Quality answers, quality technology, quality care.

Who are the people behind Healthy Pets?

Emma Harris

Founder and CEO


Chief Inspiration Officer

James Leung

Customer Success Coordinator

Dr. Sarah Hansford

Medical Director

Brenda Taylor

Director Veterinary Services

Dennis Turko

VP Engineering

Caitlyn Kodric

Product Manager (Co-Op)

Board of Directors

Arlene Dickinson

Partner, District Ventures Capital

Dr. Brendon Laing



Dr. Gary Leung


Damien Steel

Managing Director, OMERS Ventures