A Pet Parents Guide To Road Trips

June 01, 2018

Road trips are always more fun with someone to enjoy the ride with. If that someone is a four-legged family member, we’ve rounded up a few extra steps to ensure their safety and happiness while on the road!

Keep Your Pets Safe And Secure

A 60-pound dog can become a 3000-pound projectile in a car accident, so keeping your pets secure within the vehicle is extremely important. A well-ventilated crate or carrier can make a road trip much safer and less stressful. If your pet is stressed out in a crate, there are safety harnesses available to keep your pet secure within the vehicle.

Be Prepared

Building a travel kit a few days before you leave is a great way to ensure you have everything your pet may need. Food, (for the entirety of the trip - plus some extra), bowls, a leash and collar, poop bags or litter boxes, grooming supplies and medications is a good start. Their favorite toy or bed is also a great way to keep your pet comfortable if they’re travelling somewhere they’ve never been before. If you’re crossing the border, be sure to visit the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork to bring your pet into a different country.

Take A Break

Giving your pets, and yourself, a break every 2-3 hours during a road trip will keep everyone much happier. Regardless of where you’re headed or how long it takes to get there, an occasional break for your pet to stretch their legs and do their business will keep them much calmer once back on the road.

Have Water Available Throughout The Trip

Dogs and cats need regular access to water, as do you. Whether you’re headed to the cottage or just to the dog park, its best practice to bring a bowl and water everywhere you go. You never know what may happen, and as we said above, always be prepared.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

With this advice in mind, have a safe and enjoyable summer! If you’re planning a road trip and need further instruction on bringing your fur family with you, speak with a veterinarian today!

PS - If you're interested in learning more about summer-related risks to your pet, check out our blog for more information on ticks, fleas, and even seasonal allergies!