Assembling a Pet First Aid Kit

March 31, 2019

As much as we prepare and try to avoid them, sometimes emergencies happen. But when they happen on the road, on the hiking trail, or at the campsite it’s even more important to be prepared. That means keeping a pet first aid kit handy whenever we take our pets out for an adventure!

For the most part a pet first aid kit will look similar to our own - with gauze, bandages, latex gloves, and antiseptic (like polysporin or peroxide) all coming in handy in the event of a pet injury. But remember, always check with a vet before giving or treating your pet with any products or medications designed for human use. For example, some common over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin and acetaminophen can be toxic to pets.

Here are some pet-specific items that your first aid kit should include - and don’t forget to make sure everything is the right size for your pet!

1. A Cone - Having a cone handy can be a godsend in the event of an injury. They can speed up healing and prevent infection by limiting your pet’s ability to access the injured area, and without one your pet may aggravate or worsen the injury. There are a variety of options available - including inflatables that can be packed flat for easy storage!

2. Bandages - there are pet-specific bandages available, but making sure you have adequate gauze and self-adhesive bandages is most important. For tips on how to bandage your pet, check out this handy article from the Dogington Post.

3. Boots/Footwear - The paws and pads of our pets’ feet are among their most injury-prone areas. From cuts and scrapes to blisters and nail injuries, our pets’ paws can be a challenging cause of discomfort, but having some protective footwear on hand for your pet can help. In the event of a cut or nail injury, a boot/foot covering can help to prevent infection and provide additional comfort and support. There are plenty to choose from, including easy to pack, disposable options!

Hopefully we’ll never need them, but in the event of an emergency or injury having a pet first aid kit can make a huge difference.

Remember, if you have questions about a pet injury - including treatment, medications, or administering first aid - you can text or video chat with a local Healthy Pets vet on-demand!

Relax and get the answers you need from an expert you can trust.