Canada Day Tips For Pet Parents

June 25, 2018

Oh, Canada! Canada Day is fast approaching this July 1, and we know you’re as proud as we are to celebrate our amazing nation. Unfortunately for our pups, Canada Day typically brings celebratory fireworks with it. While the loud noises and bright displays can be a blast for both kids and adults, firework displays can be overwhelming for pets. To help keep your pets’ safety and comfort in mind, we’ve listed 10 Canada Day tips to help you keep them at ease during fireworks.

1) Speak calmly

If loud noises and bright lights spook your pets, be sure to speak to them in a calm and even voice. Your pet will notice if you’re overly attentive or anxious.

2) Keep pets indoors

Walking dogs before dusk or keeping outdoor cats inside will help them feel safer in the comfort of their home.

3) Close your blinds and curtains

Your pet will be more at ease if they can’t see the parties or fireworks. Placing a blanket over your dogs’ crate is also a good way to keep them feeling safe and secure.

4) Close windows and doors

Dogs and cats have acute hearing and can hear far better than we can. Many dogs and cats will try and escape when they feel panicked, so limiting noise levels can help protect them from getting out and getting lost.

5) Offer a distraction

Giving your dog a bone or a peanut butter-filled Kong will keep them happily distracted. The same can be said for cats; provide a catnip toy or a game of laser tag to keep your feline friend preoccupied.

6) Fit your dog with an anti-anxiety shirt

Scientifically designed and used by professionals, Swaddleshirts are specially designed to apply gentle, constant pressure on nervous pets to calm anxiety and fear during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more.

7) Microchip your pet

Microchipping your pet and/or ensuring their identification is up to date in the occurrence of a panicked escape is an important preventative measure to have in place.

8) Stay at home

If your dog or cat is extra susceptible to noise-related anxiety, consider skipping fireworks this year and keeping your fur friends company instead of leaving them alone.

9) Consult a veterinarian

If you know your pet becomes anxious and fearful during Canada day celebrations, consult with a veterinarian beforehand and discuss your options. Anti-anxiety medication can be helpful in keeping your pet calm and comfortable.

10) Don’t forget to have fun!