Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Pet

November 26, 2018

And just like that the Fall season has given way to the winter landscape and the holiday season is on its way. It’s time to think about family, get-togethers, delicious meals and, of course, presents!!

It is easy to find tons of different options for the pet lover on your list - from mugs to breed specific bags, statutes and jewelry. A quick google search will inundate you with options. In fact did you know that it is estimated that 95% of pet owners will buy their pets gifts this year? One such survey showed that some Owners spent up to 20% on their gift budget on their beloved dog or cat. In a time when the millennial generation is known to choose their first home based on the needs of their pet it really should come as no surprise that these same families long to spoil their furry family members and what better time than the holidays.

It is also the time of year where people contemplate giving pets as gifts to their friends or loved ones. We would encourage you to spend a lot of time considering whether this is a good option. Although the image of a beautiful labrador puppy jumping out of a gift box, or a kitten climbing out of a stocking are hard not to love, the reality for many pets can become very different after the holiday if the people receiving the pets were not ready to take on all on the associated responsibilities. In fact many organizations, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and various humane societies have come forward to state their feelings on the topic.

So if you are treating your dog or cat to a holiday treat this year it begs the question “What should you get them?” Thankfully there are now websites dedicated to helping you find the newest/trendiest/most unusual trinkets for pets, just as there are for people: Click here . Perhaps a new bowl or deluxe Kong for your labrador that can’t stop eating? A new catnip ball or laser pointer for your Garfield that needs to lose a few pounds? Or an electronic litter box that scoops so you don’t have to (at least you can pretend that it is a gift for your cat, we won’t tell anyone!). Or here is an idea - for your friends or family members that don’t yet have an account, how about gifting them an online veterinary Healthy Pets consultation - Give the gift of Healthy Pets Here!

However you choose to spoil your pet this year make sure you have the camera ready to catch the excitement!