How Can I Help My Dog Recover From A Muscle Injury Or Sprain?

November 02, 2018

It’s Saturday afternoon and you are playing “chuck-it” with your dog in the local field when he yelps and lies down. Eventually he gets up and brings the ball back to you, but he is limping on his back leg, and badly. Uh-oh, now what? What can you do when your dog gets an injury - like a sprain, cruciate tear or worse?

Thankfully these days there are many options to choose from. Usually the first step is to seek assistance from your regular vet for the initial diagnosis (which may include Xrays), advice on the severity of the injury, and to formulate an initial treatment plan. From there we have vets that specialize in orthopedics that may come in to assess your pet, or may even do advanced orthopedic surgery. When needed we have vets and practitioners that specialize in prosthetics and supportive apparatus’ to help stabilize and improve mobility. Further to this we now have vets that have specialized in pain management and rehabilitation to take the therapy next level. This is where a facility such as K9 in Motion Wellness comes in.

K9 in Motion Wellness is run by Karen Kearney, who has extensive training and completed many certifications including Animal care specialist, Canine Massage Therapy, Canine Hydrotherapy, and is a graduate of the Durham Animal Care Program. Currently she is working on additional certifications in Canine Neuro-Myofascial Release technique, Canine Kinesiology Taping and Canine Craniosacral Therapy, to allow her to help her patients even further.

The facility is based in Peterborough and offers massage therapy and hydrotherapy for animals (both dogs and cats) with a host of different ailments. Some of the most common injuries that are treated at the facility include: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears, Luxating Patellas, Soft Tissue Injuries, Muscle building, Arthritis, Degenerative Myelopathy, Neurological issues, Hip Dysplasia, Anxiety, Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), Obesity. The aim of the therapy is to improve lives of these pets by helping to heal their injuries gently, methodically and as completely as possible.

For more information on K9 in Motion Wellness facility you can visit their website: or their Facebook Page.