How To Keep Fido Happy While You're At Work

August 20, 2018

If you’re a working dog owner, you’re most likely familiar with the feeling of workday guilt when you have to leave your pup alone in the house. For dog owners who are unable to utilize a dog walker or doggy daycare, fret not. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to keep your dog relaxed and preoccupied while you’re out of the house.

Increase their morning exercise

Increasing the amount of exercise your dog receives before you leave for work is one of the simplest way to keep them at ease while you’re away. The level of daily exercise with which your dog requires depends on their age, breed and personality. Chuck-it toys are one of our favorite tools to use for tiring out your pup, although you need to be conscious of the outdoor temperature and always provide water for your dog when exercising them outdoors. For older or less active pups, swimming is a wonderful, low-impact workout that will keep them cool and tire them out while you’re at work. Although it’s tricky, working a Doggy workout into your morning routine will leave your best friend calm and relaxed when you head out the door.

Use a KONG

There are so many great, interactive toys on the market specifically created to keep your pup stimulated while left alone. KONG Company creates fun and durable products for your dog to chew, bounce, lick and toss around for hours at a time. Filling a kong with (safe, xylitol free) peanut butter or canned dog food can keep them distracted for quite a while and will provide them with a nice snack while you’re away. Consider freezing their KONG and filling for an extra challenge.

Invest in a Furbo

Have you heard of Furbo? Furbo’s interactive pet camera allows you to stay connected with your pet 24/7. According to Furbo, “remote interaction helps train your dog and comforts them when they are home alone.” The combination of Furbo’s camera and app allows you to see and speak with your pet, and even toss them treats right from the camera. Additionally, Furbo’s smart technology can detect barking and will send you notifications immediately, allowing you to check on your pup and calm them down.

Workday guilt is a reality for working dog-owners, and while you may feel helpless, there are many inexpensive ways to keep your dog happy and occupied while you’re out of the house. If you would like more tips or are concerned your dog may be experiencing separation anxiety, speak with a veterinarian today and gain online advice from a local vet in your area!