Road Tripping with Pets

April 15, 2019

Summertime road trips are a great tradition and hitting the open road with our pets in tow can make them even more fun. While having our pets can add to the experience, traveling with them can also cause a lot of stress - for us and for them.

Make your next road trip carefree for you and your pet with these simple tips!

1. Before your trip, make sure your pets are up for it. Go for test drives and get them used to their carrier if they’re inexperienced. Helping your pets acclimatize is the best way to avoid them getting car sick, anxious, or tense on a longer trip.

2. If you do have a nervous traveler, supplements and medications can help them stay calm in transit. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian before giving your pet any medications, herbal remedies, or supplements.

3. Download the Healthy Pets app - available for Android or iOS. If you’re on the road, at the cottage or campsite, and need to connect with a vet - the vets at Healthy Pets are just a text or video call away!

4. Microchip your pets. If you’re ever separated, having them microchipped is the best way to track your pet down.

5. Give your pet a designated space in the vehicle, with ample room but not enough to wander around freely. A carrier is a good idea for many dogs, but for cats and other small animals it’s the safest option when travelling.

6. Don’t ignore the need for a bathroom break! Factor one in every 2-3 hours depending on your pet’s needs and if you’re travelling with cats, they’ll need access to their litter regularly. But make sure you have supplies for cleaning up too, because messes in the house are bad but messes in the car are worse!

7. Drive safe and keep your pet passengers in mind. They may already feel out of place so avoid listening to loud music and any erratic driving.

8. Pack everything your pet needs. Making a list can help, so here are a few things your packing list should include:

- Food and water bowls

- Plenty of pet food

- Any required medications and a pet first aid kit

- Poop bags, cat litter, etc.

- Up to date tags and vaccination certificates

- Collar/harness, and a leash (it doesn’t hurt to have an extra on hand, just in case!)

- A carrier, kennel, bed and/or blankets to help keep your pet comfortable

- A couple of your pet’s favorite toys (they smell like home and help to pass the time!)