Tick Health And Risks!

November 16, 2018

It might be getting colder but it’s not time to forget about the threat of those little biting bugs...ticks! Although most people associate ticks with the summer months they are actually most active in the spring and the fall, where they can be found “questing” in the leaf litter looking for a hot meal. (Tick questing: www.bayarealyme.org/blog/beware-the-questing-tick/) When your pet (or even you) walks by the leafy pile, the tick grabs on with its front legs and quickly jumps on board for a ride.

Ticks actually prefer the cooler temperatures to the searing summer heat and can be active even down to the freezing mark. So! If your pet has been on a prevention for ticks through the spring and summer it might not be time to put it away yet. In fact, throughout the GTA there have been ticks removed from pets throughout the entire calendar year. As a result many vets are recommending that if you are going to be outdoors and active with your pets year round, then it is probably a good practice to make sure that your pet is protected year round as well. Additionally, if you do go out on a walk or hike it is a great idea to use a sticky lint roller once you get home to roller your dog down. This will not only allow you to collect any ticks that jumped on and remove them before they have a chance to attach and feed; but it also serves as an early warning system to anyone that was out with your dog to make sure to very carefully check themselves.

If you want to know more about the tick risk in your area please follow these links: https://ovc.uoguelph.ca/news/prof-using-pets-track-ticks https://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/2017/05/articles/animals/dogs/pet-tick-tracker/

We hope that you can enjoy the rest of the fall season with your dog safely and without bringing any unwanted guests home! Of course if you have any further questions about ticks, or about what to do if you think your dog has a tick then the vets at Healthy Pets are just a phone call away!