Top 10 Things Your Pet Should AVOID Eating This Holiday Season

December 10, 2018

Who doesn’t love the splash of red that a beautiful Poinsettia plant brings to the table, especially amid all the green and white of this holiday season. However, Poinsettias are one of our top 10 holiday food risks that we want your furry friends (dogs and cats) to avoid so that they stay safe this festive season. Some other holiday dangers that you may (or may not) have considered are:

  1. Poinsettias - All of the colors are equally toxic to both dogs and cats. The white sap that the plant contains in both its flowers, stem and leaves, can affect our pets. While usually not severe enough to cause a dangerous toxicity chewing on the plant can cause upset stomachs, vomiting and inappetance.
  2. Other festive plants - Mistletoe, Holly, Yew, and Lillies - If it’s festive there is a good chance it’s toxic! Especially lilies. It’s a safe bet to keep all new plants away from dogs and cats alike. If you are gifted a plant you can use this resource to double check the concern level: Click Here
  3. Candy and Candy canes - These are bright, sugary and often covered in foil or wrappers. All 3 things can upset the stomach and cause vomiting. If too many are consumed at once and not broken down they can also cause gastric or intestinal obstructions.
  4. Baked goods - These treats can upset pets on many levels. Similar to the candies they are often full of sugar, as well as fats that can cause pancreatitis. Additionally, sweets of the “non-sugar” variety can actually be more dangerous as they may contain Xylitol that is acutely toxic to dogs.
  5. Chocolate - This is usually more of a risk to dogs and, like xylitol, it is toxic as well. The amount needed to cause a serious reaction depends on both the size of the dog and the strength of the chocolate. The more cocoa the chocolate contains the more dangerous it is.
  6. Turkey - This can be dangerous on multiple levels. Raw turkey can carry salmonella or E.Coli. Cooked turkey can be fatty and cause pancreatitis - especially with the skin or drippings. Turkey bones can also be very tempting and can shatter or get lodged in either the stomach or the intestinal tract resulting in an emergency.
  7. Raisins or grapes - These are very toxic, but are different from things like chocolate as there is no known specific quantity that causes illness. For some dogs it only takes a few grapes to cause kidney damage, whereas others can consume more. It is certainly important to keep all grape or raisin products away from your pets.
  8. Alcohol, tea and coffee, Edibles - While not even “healthy” options for us, they should certainly be kept away from pets. Edibles are the new kid on the block and are made to taste yummy, so may be tempting to your pets. Just remember that THC is toxic to animals.
  9. Raw dough - Anything made from yeast can continue to rise in a tummy and can cause life-threatening bloating and gastric blockage. Even before they are baked make sure to keep all goodies safely away from the edge of counters to avoid wandering noses.
  10. The green bin! - You made it through the party safely but now the green bin is just an overflowing delight of all manner of dangerous goodies. Make sure to take trash out promptly and to keep the lid of the green bin tight!

Of course if you have any questions about something your pet may have eaten the vets at Healthy pets are always just a phone call away! To read more about other dangers to avoid you can also follow these links: