Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

March 04, 2019

Does your pet sound like they’re wearing tap-shoes on hard surfaces? That’s the sound of an overdue nail trim!

So, where do you start with trimming your pet’s nails? Is it safe to trim them yourself? Do you need special tools? Do you need to see a vet? Can you trust a groomer? What if you trim a pet’s nail too short? What do you do if your pet’s nail is bleeding or their paw is causing them pain?

Many pet parents struggle when it comes to trimming their pets’ nails themselves. From fidgety felines to “no-paw-contact-allowed” pups, it can be a challenge to maintain your pet’s nails at home.

Regular nail trimming is an important part of your pet’s health care routine, so here are some helpful tips for D.I.Y.-weary pet parents:

1. Make sure your cat has access to a scratching post. Let them do some of their own nail maintenance while saving your furniture! A scratching post isn’t a replacement for claw trimming, but these options have been reviewed and ranked by real cat owners.

2. Invest in the proper tools. Using the right nail trimming tool for your pet will reduce the risk and challenge associated with trimming their nails at home. No, your nail clippers will not work on your bulldog (and good luck with the nail file)! Here’s a great list of the top-rated trimmers for both dogs and cats, so you can find the right one for your companion.

3. Get educated! There are lots of resources out there to help pet parents with trimming their pet’s nails – from in-person tutorials, to instructional videos, and online courses. Be sure to find a resource you can trust, like this online course

4. Start ‘em young! Like dental care, introducing your pet to nail trimming and paw contact at a young age will save yourself from nail trimming headaches down the road.

5. If you aren’t confident and comfortable – don’t do it. Trimming your pets’ nails too short can result in real health concerns. If you’re not comfortable, seek the help of a qualified professional or connect live via text of video with a Healthy Pets vet if your pets’ nails or paws are bothering them!

Remember, the vets at Healthy Pets are always just a text or video call away. So, relax and get the answers you need from an expert you can trust.

Here’s to a lifetime of safe and happy pet-icures!