What to do if your pet goes missing

June 04, 2019

A pet gone missing is always a very stressful ordeal for the owner and the animal. Thousands of thoughts can run through an owner's mind with all the possible scenarios their pet could possibly encounter. However, the good news is, there are several steps an owner can take if they find themselves in a situation where they lost their pet.

Step 1: The first thing any owner should do if they think their pet is lost is to double check all hiding spots their pet is known to linger in. Animals can be very sensitive to their environments and may get spooked from loud noises, such as thunder or alarms. These are reasonable grounds for them to go hide under beds or in tight little nicks so as to avoid certain stressors. If you cannot locate your pet inside or outside your home you should move on to the next step.

Step 2: Making Calls. The primary place to look for a missing pet is at your regions’ animal services. When you call, ensure that you give the representative an acute description of your pet, their microchip number (if they have one), and their license number, as all three of these are crucial in locating your pet! You can also call local humane societies and veterinarians/ emergency veterinarians as they too may receive lost animals. Here is an exemplary page for Toronto’s Lost and Found Pets .

Step 3: Put up posters! This is the best and quickest way for residents in your area to know who to call if they find a lost pet. You should include a large picture of your pet, a title such as “LOST PET” on the top, and a phone number you can be easily contacted at on the bottom of the sign. Public places such as animal shelters, veterinary offices, and even libraries or shopping areas are great places to put them up. You can also find Facebook groups that get word around for lost pets in your specific province, territory, or region.

Losing a pet is never easy, but understanding and being prepared to deal with such mishaps is a part of being a responsible owner. A safe pet is a happy pet!