Why Is My Cat Meowing?

May 27, 2018

Kittens meow to their mothers when they’re hungry, cold, scared or uncomfortable. As kittens reach adulthood, they develop other forms of communication. Hissing, howling, purrs, chirps and growling is reserved for cat-to-cat communication, whereas meowing is mostly used for cat-to-people communication. While any sudden changes in your cat’s health or behavior should be discussed with a veterinarian, we’ve listed 6 likely reasons your cat is meowing.

Your cat may be feeling needy

Cats need and want attention… whether they show it or not. A daily play session is a great way to keep them stimulated, exercised and having fun. In addition to this, positive reinforcement can be used to curb your cats chatty habits. Try and ignore your cat while he or she is meowing and only give them attention once they’ve quieted down.

Your cat may be hungry

If your cat is being fed a proper amount for his or her weight, don’t fall for it! These sneaky felines will do whatever it takes for an extra snack.

Your cat may be feeling ill

Cats are extremely stoic creatures and tend to hide physical signs of illness. Meowing or vocalizing in conjunction with ignoring food may be an indicator of an underlying illness. If this behavior is new and unusual for your cat, it is always best to discuss with a veterinarian.

Your cat may be stressed

Sudden changes to your cat’s environment can be stressful. This may result in meowing or other vocalizations. New people, new animals, or a change in surroundings can easily trigger stress in your feline friend.

Your cat may be in heat

If your cat is not spayed and reaching maturity, she could be going into heat. The constant meowing is used to attract a male. The best way to avoid this, and avoid contributing to the cat overpopulation crisis, is to spay or neuter your cat! It is more comfortable for them and much more peaceful for you.

Your cat may just want to say hi

It can also be as simple as this. Contrary to popular belief, your cat loves and needs you. They love receiving attention, even if it is from a cat-friendly distance. A sudden increase in meowing or vocalizing can mean a number of things in a cat. While the above scenarios occur frequently, it is always best practise to speak with a veterinarian when confronted with sudden changes in your pets health or behavior.