Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

July 03, 2018

Is your dog notorious for munching on grass as though it’s as tasty as a t-bone steak?! Whether it’s muddy grass, dead grass, long grass, or green grass, it all seems to look delicious. So the big question is: why?! Grass-eating is a common behaviour seen in dogs and up until this very day, remains somewhat of a mystery.

Pica; the technical term for a disorder characterized by eating things that aren’t food, is commonly found in domestic dogs. Grass-eating has been documented across breeds, sizes, ages and more, and the reasons behind this may be as follows:

It tastes good

As natural-born scavengers, it is ingrained in dogs to take advantage of an easy meal when one presents itself. Your pooch may like the taste or texture of grass and why not take advantage of such an abundant meal?

It gives them something to do

It may just be as simple as the fact that your dog is bored and eating grass gives him something to do. Have you noticed an increase in grass-eating when he is alone in the backyard and less so when you’re on a walk together? You may be able to curb this habit easily by providing an extra chew toy, a stimulating game or even increasing the amount of daily exercise.

It makes them feel better

It used to be assumed that dogs eat grass when feeling unwell, since it makes them vomit. However, most studies have found this is likely untrue. Less than 25% of dogs vomit after eating grass and only 10% showed signs of stomach illness beforehand. If your dog seems to be vomiting regularly after eating grass, we suggest consulting with a veterinarian and ruling out any serious illnesses like gastric reflux or inflammatory bowel disease.

In conclusion, grass-eating is a relatively normal behavioral trait seen in dogs of all shapes and sizes. While most veterinarians and pet-professionals would consider it non-worrisome, everyday grass-eating or grass-eating in large volumes may be due to an underlying issue and may require veterinary attention. If you would like to learn more about why dogs eat grass or are concerned about your own dog’s current habits, connect to a vet today and access peace of mind from the comfort of home!