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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 >

Dr. Wendy S Hatch
Stroud Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Wendy grew up in Muskoka, surrounded by domestic and wild animals, and she never remembers a time when she didn't want to be a vet. The only time she has ever been without a pet is during her first 2 years of university- after that, she smuggled a rabbit into residence for companionship. Her husband and daughter currently share her with a Saluki, a German Shepherd, a Terrier mutt, a cat, and a lovebird. After working in more than fifteen clinics throughout Ontario, Dr. Wendy started Stroud Veterinary Hospital in 2004. Although starting a family at the same time was not part of the plan, her daughter had different ideas. The ability to practice medicine according to her own philosophy has been very rewarding, although balancing work and home life has sometimes been a bit challenging! Coming from a rural background, Dr. Wendy chose Stroud for its small town feel, and the ability to have a very personal relationship with all her clients and patients. She welcomes the opportunity to speak in the community, and likes talking to children about animal care, as well as interacting safely with other people's pets. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Wendy might be found horseback riding with her daughter, carving wooden bird sculptures, cooking with friends, or piloting a small plane. She enjoys puzzles of the logical kind, and is always up for a stimulating verbal debate on almost any subject.
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Dr. Jamie Imada
Parkdale Animal Hospital
Jamie graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2013. He pursued small animal practice gradually working his way east to Kingston. From there he has migrated back to Guelph to pursue a Phd at the Ontario Veterinary College . He works as a relief veterinarian for the Guelph Kitchener Waterloo region.
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