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Pet parents often have concerns about their pets' health, but don't know if a trip to the vet is necessary. While some symptoms may be a sign of dog, cat, or other pet illnesses, others are a normal part of pet life.

When you join Healthy Pets, you can offer pet parents a new, more affordable alternative to the traditional vet visit - on-demand information from a certified veterinarian through video chat - giving you not only an additional service offering for your existing clients, but also the opportunity to acquire new clients as well.

What does Healthy Pets do for you?

Improve pet health

Pet parents put their pet's health at risk when questions or concerns go unaddressed, and unreliable online information is its own concern. Instead, you can offer peace of mind with the trusted advice only a professional can provide.

An additional income stream

Put your spare time to good use. The flexibility of Healthy Pets allows you to earn extra income from anywhere, at any time, putting you in charge of your schedule.

Grow your practice

Healthy Pets connects you with new pet parents in your community. Virtual consultations often result in new patients in-clinic, resulting in a larger base of loyal clientele.

Expand your offering

Do your current clients avoid pet health concerns because they're unsure of the severity of the issue? This service option eliminates that "wait and see" approach, and gets them in-clinic faster when necessary.

Make technology your friend

No more overcrowded waiting rooms. With the Healthy Pets platform, you only need a phone or a laptop to easily triage a pet patient, leaving your limited clinic space free for those who really need it.

Additionally, Healthy Pets helps to fill your clinic schedule during downtime, improving your bottom line.

Join the Revolution

Healthy Pets is starting a movement. We want you to be a part of our mission to improve veterinary care through accessibility and affordability by joining the #PetTech revolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vets pay a monthly $50 subscription, and get paid $20 per consultation.
Yes - Healthy Pets veterinarians make their own hours according to their personal schedule and availability.
You'll receive an email and text message informing you of an upcoming appointment. Upcoming appointments are also listed in your profile.
The photos and the text synopsis uploaded by the pet owner will be made available to you in advance of the consultation for your review.
Vets are paid through Stripe.