What does Healthy Pets do for you?

Improve Online Pet Advice

A pet's health is at risk when questions or concerns go unaddressed, and online information is unreliable. Offer your clients peace of mind with the trusted advice only you can provide.

Increase Client Relationships

Healthy Pets connects you with new and existing clients in your community. Establish a digital VCPR and treat patients through a convenient platform for both of you.

Expand Your Clinic's Offering

Increase client loyalty and retention by supporting your patients day and night. Have piece of mind that your clients can seek professional advice, even when you're offline.

Earn Additional Income

Put your spare time to good use. The flexibility of Healthy Pets allows you to earn extra income from anywhere, at any time, putting you in charge of your schedule. (and reduces the amount of time you spend giving advice away for free!)

Integrate Technology Into Your Practice

Support your patients through a user friendly platform, right from your phone or laptop. Healthy Pets relieves overcrowded waiting rooms and helps fill up your schedule during downtime!



Just for You

  • Unlimited access to plaform
  • Dedicated support
  • Expand your offering to clients
  • Provide trustworthy advice
  • 3 Month Free Trial

Healthy Pets is here for you!

Are you a veterinarian who would like to find out how Healthy Pets can benefit you and your clinic?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your clients will be served by other vets on our platform.
Yes - Healthy Pets veterinarians make their own hours according to their personal schedule and availability.
You'll receive an email and text message informing you of an upcoming appointment. Upcoming appointments are also listed in your profile.
The photos and the text synopsis uploaded by the pet owner will be made available to you in advance of the consultation for your review.
Vets are paid through Stripe. Healthy pets does not collect your credit card or banking information.